How to apply: frequently asked questions

Technical issues

Why can I not see any vacancies?

Check if you have not set too many search options. You may see vacancies if you make your search more general.

Why do I receive errors when I try to upload a document (for example CV)?

You can only upload documents in the following file types: MS Word, PDF, HTML, PPT, XLS, CSV, TXT and image files. Your document cannot be larger than 10 MB. Setting a digital signature in your PDF document can also cause problems when uploading. Try to upload a PDF without a digital signature.

I want to apply but I am experiencing technical problems in the system. What now?

Sometimes it can help to try another browser or to try again after half an hour. Still not working? Contact us at Preferably add a screenshot to indicate the problem. We do not recommend submitting your application in the last minutes before the deadline to avoid that something goes wrong and you miss the deadline. After all, we cannot include late applications.

Do you experience technical problems just before the deadline, jeopardising your application? It is important that you notify us before the deadline. Send an email to, attach the requested documents and describe the technical problem using a screenshot. This e-mail must reach us before the deadline (received by us at 23h59 at the latest on the submission deadline date). In that case we can provide you with a link so that you can still apply online. In all other cases we see this as a late application and we cannot take your application into account.

While submitting your candidacy

How do I apply?

You can only apply by clicking the ‘apply now’ button in the online job vacancy. You will find the diploma requirements and any other application terms in each vacancy. Please carefully check which documents are required and apply on time. We cannot accept incomplete or late applications.

I have a foreign nationality, how can I apply? 

Are you a citizen of a country that is part of the European Economic Area (EEA)? Then you can work in Belgium without any conditions. Are you not an EEA citizen? Then there are a number of conditions that you must comply with. Check the following website for more information.

I have uploaded a wrong document with my application. Can I adjust this?

As long as you have not yet submitted your application, you can adjust the documents. However, it is not possible to add or edit documents once you have submitted your application. Even if you withdraw your application, you will only be able to resubmit it with the same documents. We therefore ask you to check your documents carefully before submitting your application. If there is a problem with your documents, please contact us before the deadline (

Can I submit the requested documents after the deadline?

No. Your application must be complete before the deadline. In the vacancy notice you can read which documents you must submit before the deadline. In some cases you are allowed to submit certain documents (for example a certain certificate) at a later time if they are not yet in your possession at the time of applying, but this will be clearly stated in the vacancy.

Do I have to complete my application in one go?

No. You can also save your application and finish it at a later time (albeit before the submission deadline). Do not forget to submit your application in time when you are ready, otherwise it will not reach us.

Do I have to add a copy of my diploma if I have obtained this at Ghent University or do you already have this?

Even if you obtained your diploma at Ghent University, you must add this to your application if a copy of your diploma is requested in the vacancy notice. We do not have access to the diplomas.

After submitting your candidacy

Will I receive a confirmation email after I have submitted my application?

You will not receive a confirmation email. You will see a confirmation message on the screen and you can always check the status of your application and the sent documents in your profile afterwards.

How can I check if my application is submitted with the right documents?

You can check this information in your profile. Go to ‘Job applications’ (internal vacancies page) or to ‘Job management’ > ‘Jobs applied’ (external vacancies page). Here you can see an overview of all the vacancies that you have applied for. Under 'actions', click ‘view application’ to view the documents that you submitted.

When will I hear back from my application?

All applications will be examined after the registration deadline.

If you apply for vacancies within the staff category ‘administrative and technical staff’, the selection procedure takes place as follows:

  • an evaluation of your application
  • an eliminating assessment: a competency-based selection interview, online tests, questionnaires, a practical test (mainly for technical jobs), a written test, a case, ... This can be done in one or two rounds
  • a final selection interview

If you apply for a vacancy within another staff category, you will find more information about the selection procedure in the job vacancy.

We use the contact details in your application profile to get back to you, so please make sure they are correct. Also, please check your spam folder regularly. Depending on the security settings of your email provider, our emails may end up there.

I am no longer interested in a vacancy I applied for and I would like to withdraw my application. What do I do?

You can send an email to

Can I delete my profile?

Yes. You can easily delete your profile by going to ‘my profile’ and then clicking ‘delete profile’ in the top right corner. Your profile has now been deleted. You can of course always create a new profile.

Future vacancies and open applications

Are open applications accepted?

We do not accept open applications. You must always apply for a specific, open vacancy. Would you like to be kept informed of new jobs? You can set job alerts on our vacancies page. You will then receive an email when there are new vacancies that meet the criteria you have specified.

I have created a profile. Can I be contacted now?

No. You must submit your application for a specific vacancy before your application is visible to us. We will not contact you until you apply for a position.

Is there a recruitment reserve?

We only work with a recruitment reserve for ATP vacancies (Administrative and Technical Staff). If you participate in a selection for an ATP position as an external candidate, have passed the psychotechnical screening, are invited for the final selection with the selection committee but are not selected as final candidate, you will be included in a recruitment reserve for similar positions. This means that, when a position becomes available in the same job class, you can be invited to apply before the vacancy is published externally. The selection procedure will often also be somewhat more limited.

Can I apply a second time for a vacancy that is open again?

If you have already applied in the past and your application was not included, you cannot reapply for the exact same vacancy with the same vacancy ID when it is open again. You will receive an error message when you try to submit your application again. After all, it concerns the same selection procedure and your application has already been evaluated for this. You can of course apply for other vacancies. Was your application not included because your application was inadmissible (for example if you forgot to add a document or you did not meet the internal conditions for participation) and the vacancy is open again? Please contact us ( if you want to participate again.

Other questions?

If you have specific questions about a particular vacancy, please contact the contact person mentioned in the job vacancy.

For procedural questions, please contact team Recruitment at

If you encounter technical questions, please contact our helpdesk at or call +32 9 264 98 98.

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